Allegro Con Spirito by Wizzow

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Wizzow has been making Hip Hop music since the late 90’s as a producer and rapper and is making his first move into the realm of NFTs with the release of Allegro Con Spirito.

He’s come up with a crazy idea, where classical music is mixed with the ingredients of the current era of music, one of which is the masterpiece of the maestro Mozart. Wizzow is a maestro in his own right and has always explored the convergence of styles and sounds through both his production and emceeing so it’s without a doubt that his journey into genre-bending and NFTs starts with Mozart.

His inaugural Audio NFT is now available on the DAOrecords Opensea & Mintbase stores as 2x 1/1, ensuring that collectors and grab a single edition on both Ethereum and NEAR. Once either copy is purchased, the other will be burned.


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