Still Rap Crypto

For Official Release

Just over 4 years ago Vandal recorded and released his first Crypto-Themed Hip Hop song Rap Crypto and to celebrate one of the earliest odes to Bitcoin we’re happy to announce the “Still Rap Crypto” Audio NFT drop for 2021.

Teaming up with longtime musical collaborator DJ Lethal Skillz and DAOrecords, the “Still Rap Crypto” NFT drop marks the 4th time the duo have come together to release an NFT, but this time it’s with a twist. Let’s find out what makes this drop special!

Audio NFT

A limited amount of 5 Editions have been minted on the DAOrecords Opensea Store for purchase at 0.33 ETH each. Just click through the link to get your copy!

Limited Edition T-Shirt

If you purchase one of the 5 available Audio NFTs you will receive an additional NFT that represents the “Still Rap Crypto” T-Shirt. The T-Shirt NFT comes with a form to fill in your size details and address to receive the T-Shirt by mail.

This Limited Edition T-Shirt features the official artwork created by Malaysian Graffiti Artist NesTwo, who created the original artwork for Rap Crypto 4 years prior.

This T-Shirt is only available for purchasers of the Audio NFT.

View NFT Here

Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl

Only 10 pieces of this “Still Rap Crypto” limited edition 7″ vinyl are being created. Each piece will be represented by an exclusive NFT that will be sent to the purchaser of the Still Rap Crypto Audio NFT.

Just like with the T-Shirt, a form will be unlocked where the owner can fill out to who and where they want the vinyl sent.

The A Side of the 7″ will feature “Still Rap Crypto“, while the B Side will feature the original version of “Rap Crypto”.

View NFT Here

Original Version – Lyric Video

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