Neptune by Lago & Dagapa

Nothing better than discovering new music and art through collaboration. This is exactly what Neptune is all about, where visual artist Dagapa connects with the music of Lago. Both artists, hailing from Colombia, weave their stories together to tell a new tale and present it in the form of an Audio NFT.

December 8th 2021

Join us in The Playground Gallery Cryptovoxels for the Official release!

Here are some words from the collaborators

Neptune, blue as the ocean, is where dreams are. The deepest regions of the mind where intuitions speaks as the physique desires

– Dagapa

When James Joyce wrote Ulysses he changed forever the meaning of literature. His idea of the “stream of consciousness” always had fascinated me and though I have tried and failed many times to understand his masterpiece, I wanted to explore this same idea in music. My mind works in sounds, not words. This piece tried to encapsulate what is happening inside my head constantly, with Alan Watts as my Jiminy Cricket consciousness voice.

“A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”
― James Joyce

– Lago

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