Audio NFT Distro & Virtual Event Services

Are you an Independent Artist looking to release some new music? Got music already and want a new way to offer fans an unique experience? We’re busy building our tool kit but we would love to explore potential collaborations! 

We have released hundreds of Audio NFTs from over 100 artists and produced over 100 virtual events since early 2020.
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We can help facilitate drops on NEAR, ETH & Polygon

Experimenting with NFTs since Feb 2020, we minted our first Gold Edition “Cover Art Collectible including an unlockable WAV file. In May of that same year we pushed the boundaries with the first official playable Audio NFT – “MintTape Vol 1” – which included a USB cassette packed with 25 songs & 30 artworks.

Virtual Events

With over 100 virtual events under our belt and some prime real estate in Voxels we have been building custom venues and organizing release parties, art galleries, festivals and launches for artists and clients since mid 2020.
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Partner Stores

It’s been a crazy journey in this metaverse, where everything moves at light speed and the world starts to wake up to the NFT revolution. For us, it all started with a 2017 Cryptokitty and a dream. Now, the times has come for artists from around the world to benefit from a more democratic music industry. That’s what DAOrecords is all about!

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