We Outside – Buhay Cali

We Outside is the first Audio NFT drop from Buhay Cali & Ge Oh and is set for release on September 4th 2021. What makes this drop unique is that it will be on two platforms – Opensea & Mintbase – and includes a T-Shirt!

A 1/1 NFT will be minted on both Opensea (ETH) and Mintbase (NEAR) making it the first time DAOrecords has embarked on a cross-chain release and we’re super excited to do it together with Sabotawj (Buhay Cali) for the unreleased Buhay Cali track We Outside. Once the NFTs are minted you can find them here!

Access the Audio NFT on Mintbase by clicking on the image above

This version of We Outside is unreleased and exclusively created for release as an Audio NFT, you can listen to the original version below if you want to get the vibe before the NFT drops!

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