Life Taste by Jah Zone

Jah Zone representing Limbe City brings the sound of the streets to his music, furthermore he is the first crypto artist from Cameroon. Heavily involved in education of people around him about NFT, NEAR and crypto space, which contributes to improving the lives of his closest friends and family. Jah started his music career when he was 8 years old, performing and singing live on the streets. He has decided to follow his musical talent, as his music gives people enjoyment – this is what motivates him to action. 

Life Taste” is the first studio album by Jah Zone. Music was made by producers, such as: Pepanic, Oboski, Paul Crans and JCBBeats. The atmosphere of “Life Taste” is oscillating between catchy ragga drums, dance melodies and overall is completed by the Hip-Hop vibe with original flow. Lyrics will take you to another world, seen by Jah Zone where you can experience his feelings and energy.

Full album will be available to unlock only for 7 NEAR after NFT purchase in DAOrecords’ shop on Mintbase. Only 30 copies will be minted.


  1. Life Taste (prod. By Pepanic) 
  2. Twerk (prod. By Pepanic) 
  3. FILO (prod. By Pepanic) 
  4. Point And Kill (prod. By Pepanic) 
  5. Flames (prod. By Pepanic) 
  6. No Water No Neppa (prod. By Oboski) 
  7. E Don Stay (prod. By Pepanic) 
  8. E Don Change (prod. By Pepanic) 
  9. My Way (prod. By Pepanic)
  10. We Need Peace (prod. By JCBBeats)
  11. Hustle (prod. By Paul Crans)

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