Welcome to DAOrecords

DAOrecords is a Web3 Music project that is dedicated to empowering musicians and record labels to take control of their Web3 future and build the foundations of a new, decentralized music industry.

Through our platform, artists and record labels can publish & manage their music catalogs, schedule releases, and collaborate with others in a transparent and democratic way.

"DAOrecords is building the future tools of a new Web3 Music Industry Ecosystem"

A New Way To Do It

Experimenting with Audio NFTs, Virtual Events and Decentralized Communities since January 2020 we have worked with hundreds of artists, released over 350 NFTs and hosted 100+ virtual events, all in the name of innovating in the Web3 space!

We see the future of the Music Industry as a place where artists have control over their music, relationship with their fans and community within their own economy that will interconnect with all the tools being developed.

Our Mission

At DAOrecords, our mission is to provide musicians and record labels with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital age, while also fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of music lovers and creators.

We believe that by empowering artists and record labels to take control of their own destinies, we can create a more equitable and sustainable music industry for everyone.

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"DAOrecords is the most genuine Blockchain label & gateway for musicians interested in hopping on the Web3 train."
Their dedication to educating and supporting music & artists is unmatched. DAOrecords is a pioneer of the NFT Music Movement."

“DAOrecords has represented a primary hub of the crypto music community since long before web3 music achieved popular attention.”

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