Introducing DAOrecords

Although the world isn’t quite ready for a fully decentralized Record Label (not yet), we decided to start with a hybrid model that brings the best of both together as we dive into a fresh new journey.

As a company, we employ a “social enterprise” business model that is used to fuel more content creation, fan rewards and other mutually beneficial activities. It’s our mission to empower creatives and their communities!

Humble Beginnings

It’s official! Our journey began with the release of our first single “Got Skills” by Tymmo & IZZ4D, and is now entering a highly collaborative phase where we have been actively exploring the creation of a DAO and connecting with creative communities that are currently doing awesome and innovative work in the Web3 space. If you want to see what we mean, you should follow us on Twitter!

You can find more articles and updates in our blog or visit us on Medium, Cent or Steemit.

What’s on the horizon?

Connect, collaborate, create, execute. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we have a plan and it all starts with the music and the community! We will be announcing a series of collaborations that we will roll out over into Q2 2020, it’s going to be exciting!

We are actively seeking new talent, so Contact us if you want to get involved, or to just simply find out more.