The Popup

The Popup – Ep 1

Over the past week I’ve been reaching out to my network of talented musicians as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place for The Popup. This post is to finally celebrate the coming together of Ep 1. and announce the date, time, location and all our collaborators. Let’s go! The Pre-Mint – A Virtual Listening Party April 25th 20204PM-UTC (9AM in LA – 12PM in NYC – 12AM in KL) Location is…

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In The Reflection of DAO

It’s officially been 3 months since I began my exploration of the DAO universe, and in such a short period of time I’ve managed to comfortably immerse myself into a variety of decentralized communities. The lessons I’ve taken away have been insightful to say the least. I’ve seen internal conflict arise, witnessed its resolution, learned about the dynamics of diverse individuals in virtual ecosystems and participated in organizing DAO workshops, proposing, voting and being awarded…

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