DAOrecords offers both traditional & Blockchain digital distribution services

Are you an Independent Artist looking to release some new music? We’ve got you covered in more ways than one!

For traditional digital distribution, we leverage our relationship with Believe Digital to offer artists tailored deals that service over 100 online music stores and streaming platforms. This means that your music will be on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and the gang.

Mint your tunes on the Blockchain with DAOrecords

We minted the very first on-chain Audio NFT in June of 2020 and since then we’ve been experimenting in the metaverse and working on developing our platform. With the expertise to help you take advantage of a whole new way of connecting with your fans & supporters let’s give them the opportunity to invest in your music at the same time as they enjoy it!

Get your track in the DAOrecords Store.

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It’s been a crazy journey in this metaverse, where everything moves at light speed and the world starts to wake up to the NFT revolution. For us, it all started with a 2017 Cryptokitty and a dream. Now, the times has come for artists from around the world to benefit from a more democratic music industry. That’s what DAOrecords is all about!