Announcing the Mint Barz Winners

With over 50 entries to our Mint Barz Freeverse Rap Competition we have finally arrived at the final result and would like to announce the winners!

But first, we would like to thank each and every emcee for putting in the effort to make the time needed to participate! You’re contributions have not gone overlooked and we enjoy every single entry, so big up ya self!

It not easy, our committee went through a few rounds to settle on our 3 winners and in the process there were arguments as to why certain submissions has to be excluded. Basically, the main issue we had were with the entries that didn’t include the emcee rapping their verses. This was pointed out in the rules, which is why a number of quality entries had to be left out of the final equation.

When we announced the competition we had hopes to receive more entries in a wider variety of language, which also wasn’t the case. We had English, Malay, Arabic and a few with a mash up including Chinese and Tamil. This also came into consideration when deciding which rappers would be selected, as we want to showcase a diverse range of sounds, languages and vibes that would blend perfectly with the DJ Lethal Skillz produced beat.

So without further delay, we would like to announce our the 3 winners of the TYGS x DAOrecords Mint Barz Freeverse Rap Competition along with a link to their entry and a little information on why they were chosen.

The 3 Winners

Edd Abbas

Our Feedback on their entries:

Bars, punchlines, flow and style all contributed to Imaniacs entry being easily one of the best to check all our boxes. He will also represent in English on the coming collaboration and release.

With a different approach, Dil meshed his vibrant flow with a confident delivery alongside visual proof of the work he put in on his verse to represent East Malaysia in Malay.

Edd Abbas
Edd has a voice unlike any other entry we viewed, and in the translation of his verse he says he ‘murders the beat and leaves the evidence at the scene so you know it’s him’ to represent Beirut in Arabic.

What’s Next?

Our 3 winners will now get their creative juices flowing again in preparation to record their verses for the official Mint Barz Chapter 1 release. We will continue to keep you updated on progress as we make our way to release day!

We will also be preparing for our next collaboration with TYGS, which might just be focusing on the beat makers… Stay tuned!