Mint Barz – FAQ

1. Can I use my own beats or beats from Youtube?

No, to be eligible you must use the beat provided (link to beat)

2. Do I have to show my face in the post?

We understand some of you might not want to show your face, but if you plan to be an artist you  will one day be showing your face when you perform, why not let your fans see it now?

3. Can I use mix/master/autotune for the submission?

As much as we would love to hear you in the highest quality, we would not be able to judge you on the most important criteria. We can’t stop you, but it will impact your score.

4. Can it be more than 1 person on a beat?

No, each submission must be from an individual. If you have a crew or group, you can each submit your entries separately.

5. Can I use my phone to record the audio / video?

Yes, that is how we expect most of the entries to come in. Just try not to record yourself outside, because we might have trouble hearing you over the beat. We Must be able to hear the beat

6. Can I remake (beatbox cover) / remix / modify the beat?

No, modifications to the provided music will not be allowed.

7. Can I reuse my old bars which I submitted to other competitions?

You can spit anything that has not been previously released commercially. Meaning no repetition of verses you dropped on your previous songs that appear on music streaming platforms. Try to keep your material new and fresh. Use the beat for inspiration!

8. Can I submit more than 1 time?

Only 1 submission is allowed per person.

9. Can I use insta story?

Story’s only appear for a short period of time, so we recommend you post on your actual profile. You can delete the post after the results have been announced if you like.

10. When and how will we find out who’s the winner?

The 3 Winners will be announced on the 23rd of March 2020 on all our social media accounts.

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