The True Tale of the Rare Vandal

In a time before the MP3, a rare and enigmatic figure emerged from the heart of the city. Those who had labeled him a Vandal were yet to know his true origin, nor could they fathom the moniker enduring throughout his existence. Shrouded in mystery, the nomadic Vandal traveled far and wide, from Far West to Far East he followed the rhythm of the four winds which guided him.

Knowledge x Faith x Passion x Success

In a time before the MP3, sounds were written in on the analog winds and recorded in ways that have long been lost. The art of the Rare Beat was born, transcribed onto a 3.5 inch Floppy Disk through dials, buttons, keys and truncation. Known for his sampling prowess, Vandal amassed hundreds of Rare Beats in his arsenal. Many would be lost in the Format Wars when the Digital Army pushed forward their technocratic colonization of the creative processes from which Vandal had been rooted.

But 4 remained… Like the winds which guided him, each Rare Beat would be imbued with unique attributes that when combined would unveil a rare creation, a Rare Vandal.

So begins the hunt…

Decades have passed since the 4 remaining Rare Beats were discovered, and it wasn’t until now that DAOrecords has found the technology to unlock the illusive Rare Vandal by minting each Rare Beat as an Audio NFT.

But this unlocking can only be done once, and can only happen when ONE person holds all 4 Rare Beats in ONE wallet.

The Rare Beat Drops

1st Drop – 10 random wallet addresses will receive One RareBeat #1 Audio NFT though a contest on our Twitter account.

2nd Drop – Hidden across Cryptovoxels, 10 RareBeat #2 Audio NFTs are ready to be discovered! Follow the hints carefully to find them when the time is right.

3rd Drop – Subscribe to the DAOrecords mailing list for a chance to score RareBeat #3. 10 are available to be captured in a coming TuneLetter.

4th Drop – Participate in our Auction if you want to get your hands on RareBeat #4. Only 10 pieces are available, including the one that might complete your collection!

* Details on each drop will be announced in advance so make sure you’re following DAOrecords & Vandal.

Hunt To Win

The first person to collect all 4 Rare Beats will unlock the 1st Rare Vandal, a 1/1 unreleased song in the form of an Audio NFT.

It won’t be easy. Not everyone will be lucky enough to capture more than One RareBeat over the course of the 4 ‘Drops‘, so how do they get the ones they need to unlock the illusive RareVandal 1/1 Audio NFT?

Here are some of the ways we think people will participate:

  • Barter & Trade – Depending on how many Rare Beats you need, you might have to barter-trade with someone else holding the piece, or pieces, you need!
  • Buy & Sell – Purchase the piece you need on the open market.
  • Auction – Score the final piece in our 4th Drop Auction.

Hint: You can find out which addresses hold which Rare Beats by exploring the NFT history and ownership!

Won The Hunt?

Make sure no one has beaten you to the punch! All you need to do is be the first to Tweet about it with your ETH address. Don’t forget to include @DAOrecords_ & @vandigital in your Tweet. We will verify that you’re holding all 4 Rare Beats before we award you the coveted Rare Vandal.

Additional Details:

* Each Rare Beat comes with the image file and a non-commercial license copy of the Rare Beat MP3. The Rare Beats are not available anywhere Online and are exclusive to the Ethereum Blockchain and the owners’ wallets.

* The 1/1 Rare Vandal will later be released on all major digital music platforms and the owner will receive 25% of the net streaming revenue. Terms and conditions will apply.