Got Skills – Tymmo & IZZ4D

February 7th 2020 Worldwide

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Got Skills
Tymmo & IZZ4D
February 7th 2020

Hip Hop Battle champions team up for the debut release on DAOrecords

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – An unlikely collaboration emerges as the two winners of TYGS (Think You Got Skillz) Battle For Malaysia join forces to create what will be the first ‘Anthem’ for the Hip Hop Battle Series. Tommy “Tymmo” Seow spits hard hitting rhymes while Izzad “IZZ4D” Sarip provides the hypnotic soundtrack on a song that will be featured as the first-ever release on DAOrecords. Accompanied by a special appearance by DJ Lethal Skillz, who adds his turntablist touch to showcase an aspect that is severely lacking in today’s Hip Hop.

The two rising stars we both surprised to learn that after their victory on stage, they would be collaborating in studio and shooting a music video for a track that would serve as the anthem for the esteemed battle series. Parts of the video were taken during the recording session, with the remainder shot at the location of TYGS’s recent Graffiti Jam in the heart of the city, directed by cinematic upstart Vincent Muthu and Vandal.

This might just be the only time we witness these two artists coming together, as each of them begin their journey into an ever-changing music industry. The release also marks a partnership between TYGS & DAOrecords, which aims to provide more artists an opportunitiy to put out music and kick-starting their careers.

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