Toss A Coin – Vandal

For Immediate Release
Toss A Coin

February 24th 2020

Vandal Drops an Exclusive on DAOrecords

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from the Toronto native and veteran Hip Hop Emcee. Following in the path of his previous two releases, Rap Crypto & Hip Hop The Blockchain, Vandal lays down a 42 bar barrage on top of a banger produced by DJ Lethal Skillz that touches on relevant subject matter. Toss A Coin is scheduled for a 13th March 2020 release on all platforms worldwide

The duo of Vandal & DJ Lethal Skillz have been working together for years now but only now have decided to release something. Hailing from Canada, Vandal met Lebanese-born DJ Lethal Skillz in Malaysia, both sharing a love for Hip Hop, community and technology that is evident in the works they have created. Toss A Coin is no exception.

It should also be known that Vandal is the founder of DAOrecords and will be releasing all his future music on the newly formed platform. This includes a collection of tracks both he and Lethal Skillz have been working on over the last year or so.

Artwork by Akreates

VansDesign Collaboration

One of the first animated video tracks ever created as a NFTToss A Coin cover art was remixed into a dope animation by VansDesign and might still be available on Known Origin!

Toss A Coin – Music Video

Toss A Coin – Lyrics

I sit above the rim in a flash taking hot shots / pass me the chalk I rock like hopscotch / find me in the lab cooking dapps more dapper than Dan my bull traps no flash in the pan

Ask Peter Schiff or keep bugging / they eager to shift til they bare witness the streets buzzing / chart topper I put a cap in the market / you can speculate but you’ll never hit the target

I’m more ways than 4 days with Tone Vays / I don’t play like Ghostface with road rage / this is not financial advice but you better toss a coin to ya man if he nice

I stick around I don’t roll magic dice / or exit the grounds running when I strategize / I short rappers in the future there’s no CME / I bleed BTC plus the key to see

So when I found DAO I had to bring the label back and build that stack I got it planned out / this one’s for the Gitcoin grant / so now I’m calling all my Whales where the big boys at?

I took this track minted as a NFT / and sparked an ad campaign using BAT/ I set em free the opposite of centralized / I paid my dues quick talking better recognize

3 years back I would have called this my Whitepaper / I’m still here about to drop a hype beta / Hip Hop the Blockchain was my life saver / I don’t need a black box to record the flight data

To the moon no FOMO I’ll be home soon / but for now hear the promo and Emanate the tune / I don’t hide behind words this rap is open source / but if you use it and you’re wack I chose no remorse

My brute force is more than you can handle / Red like the wick on ya 1 day candle / Led by the sick rapper man named Vandal eyes red by a stick had to plan & claim samples I…

Got baggage some of which are Shitcoins / I wont drop names I’m careful where my fist points / I would drop fame I don’t ever wanna disappoint / I want gains let me leverage off of this joint