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The Popup Season Two – Intake Announcement

Welcome to The Popup! We are now accepting artist applications for Season Two, so make sure to read carefully & follow the instructions if you’d like to participate!

What’s New & How It Works

If you’re not already familiar with The Popup we recommend you check our our Season One Recap first before proceeding to the intake application.

Ready? Ok, let’s go! This post is a primer to get your ready to apply for Season Two, whether you are a Musician or a Visual Artist, we are interested in what you have to offer! Most of what we have done in Season One we will be doing for Season Two, but with a few tweaks.

  • We will continue to do the show weekly, featuring 5 Acts/Songs and 1 Visual Artist
  • There will be 5 Episodes (We’re calling them Episodes now)
  • We will introduce more in-depth interviews both in text and voice, with clips to be included in the show
  • Season Two will take place at one of our official DAOrecords venues in Cryptovoxels
  • We hope to be live-streaming all the shows this time around provided the infrastructure is set up
  • Each Episode will include Audio NFTs alongside the Poster Art NFT and will be available inside the venue up until the next show
  • Season Two will tentatively start on the 27th of June and run until 8th August 2020


We are looking for fresh talent for Season Two! If you’ve already participated in Season One, you’re welcome to apply again, but priority will be given to new artists.

We welcome any genre, in any language, from anywhere in the world. If you’re selected you will submit ONE song (no older than 6 months from the time Intake closes).

Visual Artists:

Although The Popup is focused on Digital Art, we don’t want to limit participation, so as long as you are able to digitize your works you can apply!

We welcome all styles. From Crypto Artist to Painter, we encourage everyone to apply. We do have a list of a few artists we would love to have on board, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you!

Ready To Apply?!?

Click Image For Form

Click Image For Form

* We use Google Forms and require you to provide your email address. We do this because our primary means of communication will be through email. We understand some of you might not want to enter your email address in the form, so if you’d still like to participate you can Contact Us directly with your email address so we can provide you a Doc version of the form.