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The Popup S2 – Announcement #1

Since we announced our S2 Intake for both Musicians & Visual Artists at the end of May, we have been busy with a whole gambit of exciting metaversal activities and the preparations for our first announcement leading into Season 2 of The Popup! New Format? After flying by the seat of our pants in the S1 Pilot, it was pointed out to us that we might want to consider a format that is more conducive…

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DAOrecords x VansDesign

Without further ado! If you caught our latest tweet you might have been wondering what the heck we’re up to over here at DAOrecords, because we are definitely doing things most record labels have never thought of doing before! A Crypto Art Collabo When we first stumbled across a burgeoning crypto arts scene we were itching to collaborate with some of the amazing talent in the space. And as we became more involved things started to fall into…

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