The Popup

The Popup – Ep 1

A Weekly Art & Music Show Hosted by Vandal

Over the past week I’ve been reaching out to my network of talented musicians as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place for The Popup. This post is to finally celebrate the coming together of Ep 1. and announce the date, time, location and all our collaborators. Let’s go!

The Pre-Mint – A Virtual Listening Party

April 25th 2020
4PM-UTC (9AM in LA – 12PM in NYC – 12AM in KL)

Location is at the Minbase HQ inside Cryptovoxels

Vandal will host the listening party that will feature songs from 5 artists all brought to life by an amazing visual collaborator!

Visual Collaborator

Twisted Vacancy

Hailing from Indonesia, Twisted Vacancy has been active in the #CryptoArt community as a contributor to the SuperRare gallery and has a unique style that has us excited to see what they come up with for Ep 1!

MintTape – Musical Collaborators

Arvinder Raina

Arvinder is an artist and teacher, a composer and singer who represents Malaysia and fuses modern sounds with traditional Punjabi music.


The mind behind Cyberpunk Italia, Jokreg considers his musical productions as raw, dark, cyberpunk retrofuture. Jokreg represents ETH Gang!

Zhariff Afandi

Zhariff is a motivational speaker with a love for Hip Hop. He a published author who is now working on an album to showcase his vibes with the world.

Transient Loss

A genre-bending prog-metal band from Kuala Lumpur, Transient Loss has a unique yet raw sound that will surely add some flavor to the MintTape.

Unknown Mizery

One of Canada’s most prolific Hip Hop artists and voices of the revolution, Unknown Mizery will also release a single with DAOrecords on April 24th.

MintTape Ep 1

Sunday April 26th 2020
Available at our Mintbase Market

DAOrecords will be releasing each song as an exclusive NFT with 10 limited edition mintings to be made available to collectors and supporters on the day!

Together with the amazing artwork created for the listening party, Twisted Vacancy will be crafting individual cover art collectibles that will go for roughly $20, with 80% of the proceeds going towards the artists involved.

Changes to the Gitcoin Grant are in the process of being made via TuneDAO to shift our fundraising efforts to The Popup. If you’d like to see the proposal you can visit The Popup and the DAO for more.

We’re working on a Guide for assist artists new to the space to navigate the first couple of hurdles and aid in the on-boarding process. From setting up a wallet to earning their first bit of ETH from the sale of the NFT’s, we hope to make the process as smooth and understandable as possible! Stay tuned for more about that.

One Love,