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The Popup S2 – Announcement #1

Since we announced our S2 Intake for both Musicians & Visual Artists at the end of May, we have been busy with a whole gambit of exciting metaversal activities and the preparations for our first announcement leading into Season 2 of The Popup!

New Format?

After flying by the seat of our pants in the S1 Pilot, it was pointed out to us that we might want to consider a format that is more conducive to shining a brighter light on the Artists and the collaborations. So, we made a few changes. You can read more about them here.

  • 1 Musical Act x 1 Visual Artist Per Episode
  • 1 Collaboration Piece Per Episode
  • 12 Weekly Episodes
  • 3-Month Season
  • Additional Activities
  • Contests & Rewards
  • Membership

Start Date Announcement!

We wanted to kick off Season 2 shortly after our Gitcoin Grant matching rounded ended, but it’s taken a bit longer than planned. We have confirmed our participating artists and it’s safe to announce the launching of Season 2 with an official Launch Party! The party will feature a guest DJ along with more fun activities that will be announced in detail very soon.

Season 2 Launch Party
August 1st 2020

What’s Next?

Coming up in Announcement #2 will be a list of all the confirmed Artists who will be participating in The Popup Season 2 so stay tuned and make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below!