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The Popup Season One Recap

When we kicked off The Popup I didn’t have huge expectations, let’s be honest it’s hard to evaluate something that hadn’t been done before (to my knowledge). Rather, I looked at it as an opportunity to experiment and stay busy shifting what I would normally do in the real world into the online, virtual space. The objectives were clear. Find some dope music, some dope visual artists, funky virtual venues and combine all my skills to pull off something that resembled a live music podcast event.

After getting 2 Episodes deep, while locking down artists for the coming shows I quickly realized the challenges, and amount of time it was taking me to pull together the many pieces and assemble the show each week. I decided I would stop at 5 shows and call it a season, and in making that decision I came to the conclusion that this was going to be a fun and exciting pilot to produce no matter what the outcome.

5 Weeks, 5 Shows, 25 Songs, 25 Musical Acts, 5 Visual Artists, 30 Works of Art, 7 Countries, 5 Virtual Venues, 1 Host & 2.5 Hours of Content

I thought I’d spend time on each show, but instead I’ll let them speak for themselves and include all the posts that went along with them so you can have a look for yourself at the content and the progress. But, before I do that I’d like to thank all of the wonderfully talented people (and their art) who made it all possible.

In no particular order, many thanks to DJ Lethal Skillz for the dope interlude beat for my talk sets, to Vincent for the recap videos, to Unknown Mizery, Shamik, Glazed Baguette, Napoleon Da Legend, Zhariff, SINS, Orga, Ill Krux & Sykadelik, Nadhira, Ipokripsis, Emcee Wey, Dragon Fli Empire, Son of Age, Conscience, Ragnar Vallon, Dolores, Test Their Logic, Q Sound, JBO Escobar, Second Womb, Dj Hiroking & Steph Pockets, Galexia, Arvinder Raina, Transient Loss and Jokreg for the music. And for the art, Twisted Vacancy, neurocolor, Tha Black Cat, Sliz and NesTwo. Much love!

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Stay tuned for Season Two!
If you’re an artists wanting to get involved you can apply from 29th May until 11th June 2020 HERE