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The Popup Vol 3

The Popup Vol 3

9th May 2020
5PM-UTC [10AM in LA / 1PM in NYC / +1AM in HK]
Scarlet Factory [Cryptovoxels]

Artwork by
Q Sound, Glazed Baguette, Nadhira, Napoleon Da Legend and IllKrux & Sykadelik
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We’ve made steady strides over the past couple weeks and after Vol 2 we hope to fine tune things even more. We just want to make your experience as good as we can. So, have a look at our key takeaways here and drop your feedback!

Interview Zone

1. Who inspired you to become a Graffiti artist?

I was always into drawing ever since I was little. During the teenage years, I was fascinated by the medium, spray can, and started to experiment with it until I met Cyde02 from Brunei in university. From there, it opened the door for me to check out the scene and to understand more about graffiti. Back then, such things like streetwear, sneakers, hip-hop and music in general did play a big role in influencing and inspiring me to do graffiti.Nevertheless, the rebellious spirit and the adrenaline did drive me to keep my sanity and keep spraying.

2. Tell us about the craziest painting experience you’ve had

I was with 2 of my friends, bombing the streets in KL during the night. We were using extinguisher spray paint until one motorcycle with 2 passengers (rempits) came by started yelling at us. We tried running away from their attention and they started to chase us from street to street. We got  paranoid as they could just get more of their people to come at us. Fortunately, we hopped in to a cab and got away.

3. What is your favorite food to cook and why?

Instant noodles.. easy, tasty, effortless. 

1. How would you define your sound and style?

I would just say it’s R&B/Pop although we know there are many branches when it comes to this style and sound 😉 

2. Which producer is it your dream to work with?

Dream producer would be Fisticuff’s (Bobby Coleslaw) and/or Julian-Quan Viet Le for now, this changes within time.

3. Do you have any pet peeves? What are they?

People who (subconsciously) scratch/pick their nose/toe-nails/head and smells their fingers after in public … and people who do not close their mouths when they SNEEEZE!!!!!!!! and Holy shit. Wash your hands! 

1. What’s it like being an independent Hip Hop artist in New York in 2020?

I can only speak for myself, it has definitely been good for me. Being a full-time indie artist took a great deal of risk disconnecting from the mainstream, salaried workforce and going all out for to create and showcase art. I can still create and record while quarantined, which is key. And I’ve gotten asked to do many very groundbreaking and interesting projects. Although, shows are stopped for the moment, social media allows us to be creative with our platforms on how to connect with our audience. I’ve been doing freestyles on my phone which people have responding well too while releasing my music projects (Afrostreet 2 – Album). The Covid-19 crisis has given me the time to focus my intention on what’s important and what I want to offer the world artistically. My heart goes out to essential workers and health care workers on the front-lines. I hope that we re-evaluate our principles and what we deemed to be important going forward.

2. Do you remember the first rap you wrote? Drop a line or two here!

“Kareem up in the scene, blade drops on your head like a guillotine my dream is to make mad green” These were my first ever bars.

3. Do you have family in another country? Where are they?

I have family in France and the Comoros Islands (East Africa) where I’m originally from. All of my family is overseas.

iLL Krux

1. Who was your main inspiration to make Hip Hop music?

There are plenty but I’d definitely say Tupac. His music reached out to me on many levels. Mostly related to life and challenges. Helped me to gain the strength needed to chin up and keep moving. He’s definitely a huge influence and inspiration. No doubt.

2. What was you favorite song and why?

Again, hard to point out one. But I’ll go with Ghetto Gospel and Changes from Pac. The plain and direct message of seeking for a better change in the society and trying to spark that change with his music is just too beautiful to describe. It all comes down to spreading love and making a better world.

3. If you could become invisible, what would you do?

Always wanted to seek hidden truths in ancient historic places and behind closed doors of the “rulers”. I’d definitely want to find that out. I’d also want to do something that would aid the people in need in whatever way my invisibility would allow me to.


1. Who was your main inspiration to make Hip Hop music?

My main inspiration to make Hip Hop music is 2pac because he was a guidance during the hardest times of my life and his lyrics have given me strength to overcome unwanted obstacles in life

2. What was you favorite song and why?

My favorite song was Changes from 2pac because I repeatedly felt they was change needed in the society to make each other to treat everyone better. That song have been a motivation and a reminder to help people you love also do better.

3. If you could become invisible, what would you do?

I would rob money from corrupt politicians and give it to the needy.

1. Why did you pick the Trombone as your main instrument?

Hahahah….to get girls. It’s a stupid but honest answer.

2. Have you ever messed up while performing live? Tell us!

All the time. Trial by fire is the best. I can go off the cuff about this for days.

3. What is your favorite board game and why?

Hmm…I can remember liking Monopoly. Not sure why…but it always seemed fun. 

1. Define what a Glazed Baguette is and why you chose the name

I was listening to J Dilla a lot, and to those familiar with his music, you’ll know about his album Donuts. I was thinking “what’s bigger than a donut man…? A Baguette!” That’s pretty much how it happened to be honest. The Glazed part of the name is meant to represent something smooth and sweet. Like when you hear a beat that’s smooth and groovy, yeah that’s the glaze.

2. Tell us a bit more about the scene in Malaysia and where you fit into it

The scene in Malaysia has seen a steady growth of independent artists in the age of digital streaming and distribution. I think I’ve got my own nice lil’ corner in the classroom; along with my mentor Prthiv a.k.a NETUNO. We have an independent label, tied to an events and experiences company called “Abstract Nature”. Been organising shows and parties through 2019 and we plan to use the current global situation as a chance to begin pushing the digital fronts of our company/label. What that basically means is… More original music is coming!

3. Have you ever been in a Treehouse before?

Not even once haha. I always thought of it as an American thing. You see cartoons and movies with kids building treehouses and all. Closest I’ve come to that was climbing trees for fruit lol