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The Popup Vol 5

The Popup Vol 5

23rd May 2020
5PM-UTC [10AM in LA / 1PM in NYC / +1AM in HK]
The Voxel Hotel Rooftop [Cryptovoxels]

Artwork by
Test Their Logik, Dolores, Ragnar Vallon, Conscience & SINS
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We’re wrapping out Season One of The Popup with a bang! It’s been a wonderful ride thus far, showcasing the works of 5 talented visual artists alongside 25 songs from 25 musical acts! We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have, so to celebrate, we’re planning something special (to be announced soon)! And… If you missed last week, go check out the recap of Vol 4 on Cent.

Interview Zone

1. If you weren’t an artist what would be doing?

I’d definitely be working with computers. I like video games and I like web design. I think if I had more time I’d be learning full time coding and programming.

2. Is there a story behind you artistic style?

Yes, and actually it’s related with the next question. Since I was a younger incipient artist, I’ve been always fascinated by the brain and phenomena related with the mind and visual perception. During the process of becoming a professional artist I’ve been interested in other experiences like the ingest of psychedelic substances, the practice and experimentation with lucid dreaming and a passion for SciFi cinema. All of that after going through the mixer gave birth to my eclectic style that until this dat it has one and only constant: the use of vibrant an over saturated colors. I have a background as a traditional painter but I’ve always liked to create digital works so I’ve been always trying to merge both of the practices. Going to one medium to the other and the way back is what I call “Visual Alchemy”; the name I give to my creative process. I particularly don’t like formulas, don’t like to stay quiet.

3. What is your favorite colour and why?

Magenta all the way. Magenta for me is a fascinating color because it doesn’t exist in the light spectrum, instead it is a color made up by the brain for practical purposes. Sounds like nonsense? See a proper explanation

Magenta is the reminder that every color is a “neurocolor”.

1. Who is the biggest influence on your music?

This is a tough one as I make many kinds of music, started off in the hardcore scene and moved on through more mainstream genres, I’ve been influenced by many things, but films have always been the main catalyst behind me making a song. I’d watch a movie, see a scene which really hits home and I’d wonder if I could write a song for that scene. Thats how I first started writing songs and thats how I still do it.

2. If you could jam with anyone who would it be?

This may take a lot of people by surprise but it’s got to be Malaysia’s Folk Acoustic rocker, Azmyl Yunor, he has always been someone who Ideas constantly flow out of, he could write a song about anything. His music always carried a ton of gravitas even regarding the most simplest topics. Other than that it would be the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. but both would be nice.

3. What’s your favorite drink?

An Ice cold mug of Kronenbourg, I usually go to Brewhouse in TTDI for that, they always serve it the freshest (you know my first destination post quarantine).

1. Tell us a bit about how you got started in music?

I was seven years old when I heard RUNDMC playing on the radio.I was immediately intrigued by the beats, rhythm and rhymes. From then on I was captivated and Hip Hop turned into my therapy!

2. Do you feel like an artists’ name defines their content?

For me that definitely holds true. I live by my “Conscience”  and my music reflects that.

3. Know any good jokes?

I’m not one for telling jokes but I really love comedy movies!

1. What’s the meaning behind Dolores and who’s in the band?

Dolores is a 5 piece band from Mexico City. We wanted two things: a short name and a word in Spanish, so with those two constraints we just went for it and proposed a lot of different options. Dolores is what we liked the most, being suggested as a reference to Dolores del Río, one of the first Mexican actresses to attain widespread international success.

2. Most of us are on lockdown, what do you think will happen to the live music scene when this is over?

Live music today is probably one of the most important revenue channels an independent band can rely on. We believe streaming services, while extremely handy, fail in being a true revenue source for independent artists. That itself makes us musicians eager to offer a live show worth everybody’s time, be it fans, technicians, etc. Live shows are here to stay, no matter the circumstances.

3. What’s your favorite Mexican dish and why?

Our favorite dish is kind of a cliche but no one can deny its great taste and immense possibilities: tacos. All kinds, we can’t get enough of them.

1. Why is the message in a song important?

Because now more than ever we need to break free from Authoritarian systems and institutions.  If we fail to flatten this pyramid scheme it will crush us all.

2. If you had to pick one cause what would it be and why?

A Stateless, classless, society where workers control their workplaces democratically, and all people have a say in the decisions that impact their lives, relationships, environments, and communities.   This is the cause that contains all other causes.  The cause of freedom, solidarity, responsibility, and community is interconnected to every social issue imaginable.  If we liberate the world from all tyrants and would-be tyrants and those who exploit others for a living we deeply empower everyone throughout society to be their best selves and address all problems we face. 

3. What’s the best book your read this year?  

I’ve been so incredibly busy with launching the new album, the mixtape, community and union organizing, and other projects that I haven’t gotten a chance to read a book yet in 2020.  HOWEVER, I did get around to co-authoring and publishing a book!  You can all check it out digitally for free (or by donation) here:

1. Is there an artist or song that best defines your rap style?

Big Pun – Beware

2. What was the weirdest show you ever performed?

A show in Canada that had only 5 single mothers in recovery, and all their young kids,  as an audience. It was weird af.

3. Have you ever gotten stitches? Where?

I been a scrapper all my life, and fought Muay Thai for several years, so yeah I’ve had a lot of stitches. Above both eyes, my lips(3X), my nose, the top of my head, front of my head, and I cut my hand open on a bong that broke, which slashed my right hand to ribbons.