The Popup

The Popup is a weekly Art & Music Show that is broadcast live in the virtual world known as Cryptovoxels. Featuring 1 musical act and 1 visual artist, each episode of The Popup will explore not only the artists involved, but new ways to empower the creative community, including limited edition Audio NFTs, exclusive content, virtual events, contests & more.

Your ticket to The Popup is through our TunePass!

Virtual Art & Music Show

We are almost ready to kick off Season Two of The Popup! If you were with us through Season One, you will notice a number of changes as we set out on our journey to decentralize the music industry!

12 Episodes > 3 Months = 24 Artists + 17 Events x You

Each Episode will feature the combination of 1 Musical Act and 1 Visual Artist. There will be in-depth interviews, a collaborative premiere, music and more! Hosted by Vandal.

NFTs & More

For Season Two and beyond we will be releasing exclusive Audio NFTs that will only be available to members. Get your TunePass starting July 15th 2020!

We will also feature contests, rewards, a weekly newsletter for members and a Monthly Guerrilla Music Podcast Party with more to be announced soon.

What’s NFT?

Join us starting August 1st 2020 as we kick off The Popup Season Two with our Launch Party! We will be announcing the complete line up and a whole lot more!

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TunePass Membership Drive

We will be kicking off our Membership Drive starting mid July 2020. If you’re interested in becoming a member and getting exclusive access to our Audio NFTs you can find out more HERE

Season One

Our Season One MintTape is gone…