Everything you need to know about our Season Two TunePass is in the information below!

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When you purchase the TunePass Membership NFT (Batch One, Two or Three) you will receive the following:

Audio NFTs

Each Week The Popup will showcase the collaboration between a musician and a visual artist. This collaboration will result in the release of a limited edition Audio NFT. Members will receive these NFTs each week amounting to a total of 12 Audio NFTs for the complete Season Two of The Popup. You can learn more about the collaborators here.


With the addition of 3 amazing Wearables designers to The Popup Season Two, we will be releasing an awesome new item each week! Members will receive all 12 of these weekly wearables as a pack of the TunePass package.

TUNE Tokens

TUNE is our native token. Although Tune is not currently exchangeable, it is our aim to provide token holders some benefit as we continue to develop DAOrecords. Holders might be able to use the token in the future to purchase NFTs, receive discounts on products or services and to tip or support artists directly. In the meantime, you will receive 2.5K Tune that you can hodl in support of DAOrecords!

DAO Membership

With the purchase of our TunePass you will receive membership to our DAO. We understand this isn’t for everyone, but with this membership you will receive voting rights in the DAO and access to our Discord Channel if you want to get more involved in what we’re doing here at DAOrecords. We hope you do!

Take Note: All NFTs, Wearables and Tune tokens will be sent to the ETH address that holds this NFT. If you wish to sell the pass please have the new owner notify us to make the necessary changes to our records.

Get Your TunePass Now!

Limited to 5 only! Get your hands on Batch Two of the TunePass for 1.25 ETH between July 22nd – 29th 2020 (while they last

Batch Two

Coming Up:
Batch Three – July 29th 2020 @ 1.5 ETH

More information can be found in our TunePass Presentation Document