$TUNE is the DAOrecords native token. Currently, these tokens are not available for purchase by the public but they are represented by all the NFT’s minted on our Mintbase Store. So each NFT is a TUNE token!

WTF is wTUNE then?!?

Wrapped TUNE is a new way to interact with $TUNE and our NFTs!

You’re now able to deposit any of our NFTs into a vault, which will wrap the NFT and give you a wTUNE token in return. This feature is still in Beta, but we’ve tested it out and it’s working!

  • Head to NFT Wrapper
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select DAOrecords from the list of vaults
  • Deposit your NFT

In order to deposit a DAOrecords NFT you will need the Token ID # which you find in the URL highlighted in red here – https://opensea.io/assets/0x5d7ca4bbb351f9f69ef9bcb057c54f3faa9be4d5/284/.

Just copy the Token ID and paste it in, enable the wrapping and paste it again. You can also enable the vault for approval of all your NFTs!

You will be required to pay a small fee to enable your wallet to interact with the contract as well as the gas fee when you wrap. We’d also like to note that the gas is set at the highest setting and you will likely be paying less than the amount shown when you make the transaction. Again, we’re still in Beta so more improvements will be rolled out very soon!

Can’t see your wTUNE in your wallet? Have no fear! Just “add token” with the contract address here – 0x11dfdd52726eb349eb98c37bfc38809447b2325d

What can you do with a wTUNE? Currently we are working on setting up a liquidity pool in Uniswap where you will be able to add liquidity to the DAOrecords wTUNE Pool!


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