TuneDAO Has Arrived

A few days back we dropped a post over on Cent about our freshly summoned DAO. Now before you start setting high expectations, we want to warn you that things are progressing at a steady pace as the pieces of the puzzle begin to settle in place.

TuneDAO, in our initial iteration, is meant to be a vehicle that provides funding to artists through a content creation grant.

That’s one way to approach it, given our keen interest in releasing music through DAOrecords, but I believe there is still something missing.

Can We Gitcoin?

Support our Grant!

Most of what we’ve undertaken as of today has been a series of experiments that have led us to finally setting up a Github alongside our Gitcoin account, where we recently submitted our first attempt at a Gitcoin Grant raise funds for the “GitTunes” series we hope to release.

With that said, I won’t go into too much detail as you can hit any of the above links to explore more at your leisure. I would though, like to leave with a few thoughts about moving forward and making the DAO more accessible to the community at large.

  • How does a DAO focued on Music gain traffic and attract a community to get involved?
  • What type of governance and voting rights apply to members of the DAO who aren’t artists?
  • What platforms are available to make the on-boarding process easier and more fluid for non-technical music and art folk?

If you have any thoughts reach out to us on Twitter or drop a message on our website as we’d love to hear from you!